Welcome to the Planet Soccer Referee Store, the best place in the universe to purchase your soccer referee gear. The store opened on Monday, January 20th at 10:00AM to begin accepting your referee equipment orders for the 2020 season. Sizes are similar to player uniforms and come in sizes from Youth Large/Adult Extra Small to Adult XL. If we do not have your size listed, contact the sales rep listed in the store.

Your delivery options are listed below:

1. Clinic Delivery - To pick up your referee kit/gear for a discounted price at any listed clinic, select the clinic/date listed under "Pick Up Locations" for $70*. 

2. Store Delivery - To purchase a referee kit at any of the 4 Planet Soccer stores, you can drive to a store and purchase your kit for $75*.

3. Home Delivery - To have your order shipped directly to you for a flat rate of $85*/order, order online, select Shipping. Please allow a minimum of 10 -14 days for delivery.

4. Purchase your kit at the clinic for $70 using check or cash.  You can use a credit card but the fee will be $75 due to processing costs.

NOTE: On Clinic Delivery: If there are not at least 5 orders for your clinic, there may not be a Planet Soccer representative abl1e to get to your clinic. If this occurs, all pre-purchased referee kits and/or referee supplies scheduled for this clinic will be sent to a Planet Soccer store for pick-up and a Planet Soccer Rep. will contact you to arrange for pick-up.

To make sure your order has been reserved, your order MUST be placed by 6:00PM on the Thursday prior to that weekends clinic date.  Orders placed after that specific and/or time cannot be guaranteed for delivery on that weekend!

Due to manufacturers inventory limitations, there is a possibility that the final product may not match what is shown or previously purchased product from Planet Soccer.  Rest assured, the quality that you receive from Planet Soccer is of the highest quality.

For questions, contact